One of the great things about being in a wedding band is the amazing venues we get to play in. Elmore Court was our last wedding this year, and we have to say it was an excellent gig to finish the season with. Not least because we didn’t have to lug our own PA system in! The purpose built dancefloor and stage area has its own excellent sound system and lighting rig that really makes for an atmospheric and party-focused space.

We couldn’t actually believe that it’s the only venue we’ve EVER played in that has had this much attention spent on making it so good for wedding parties. The designer clearly knew what they were doing. The room is beautifully designed, with large lavish wood surrounds on the windows, fabric drapes, skylights and beautiful rendered stone walls. It’s exactly big enough for good size weddings. The bar is at one end and there are no other rooms to lose your guests in – this is great for parties, because it’s good to keep everyone together to have the most fun and create the best atmosphere.

The dance-floor area can be curtained off from the main function room, which helps conceal the band or DJ as they set up. When the curtain comes back, it reveals a large dance-floor space with a stage, complete with a 360 degree sound system and multi colour/pattern LED ceiling lighting and mirrorball. It’s impressive, and it sounds great.

There are so many wedding venues in the South West that look great, but few (if any) have considered the evening party aspect of weddings quite like Elmore Court. So we reckon, if you want to have an amazing memorable party, this is a really good venue to check out.