Berwick Lodge – recommended wedding venue

Aug 30, 2016 | Wedding Venues

You may think you know about all the major wedding venues in and around Bristol, but do you know about Berwick Lodge? If you do, then a hearty round of applause for you, good sir/madam.

I still find it hard to believe there are wedding venues we haven’t played in our many years playing as Halflight, but none more so than Berwick Lodge which has somehow slipped under our radar entirely, even though it’s barely 20 minutes drive from all of us. This venue is a real hidden gem.

Suitable for a smaller wedding (up to 100) inside the house, or 400 in a marquee in the grounds, this venue is secluded, beautiful and peaceful. The grounds feel intimate but large enough to accommodate everyone. The outdoor seating is fantastic on a warm summer’s night such as the one we attended on a Saturday in August.

Inside the amazing red brick house you’ll find a cosy network of rooms with grand fireplaces and chandeliers. The hotel is beautifully furnished and feels warm and inviting. As a party venue it seems to work well with the bar being adjacent to the main function/dining room which is large enough to accommodate a medium sized band (such as Halflight) and creates the sensation of a packed dancefloor nicely by being not too cavernous. There are also smaller cosy nooks and sitting rooms for those who need to escape from the noise…I mean, incredible music, of the party.

The website has details of the award winning restaurant and amazing accommodation. No two rooms are the same and have been luxuriously furnished.

Check out the pics below and pop along to their website to learn more. You’ll want to add this venue to your shortlist for sure!


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