Meet the Band Before Hiring

If you’d like to meet the band before hiring, you’re welcome to visit us at our rehearsal studio in Bristol.

We run half hour slots on selected Thursday evenings, for couples to pop in and hear us play a few songs and discuss the big day. We arrange these on an ad-hoc basis each month, so make an enquiry and let us know if you’d like to come and hear us and we’ll get something arranged.

It’s highly recommended to do this for a number of reasons…

  • You get to hear how we sound in a live setting. This is very different to listening to a recording. (Hint: it’s a bit louder!)
  • You get a feel for who we are and how we interact. Don’t worry we won’t perform to you like a bunch of singing waiters – it’s a bit creepy to do that with an audience of 2!
  • You can ask specific questions and talk about your individual preferences and plans for your big day in a way that’s more detailed and nuanced than email or the phone.

Once you’re booked in to come and meet us, we’ll email you the details.

Here’s a video of us in our rehearsal studio doing our thang…