Everything you need to know about Halflight

What do you charge?

Our prices vary depending on the time of year and your requirements, so always ask us for a quote.



We offer 15% off our fee for off-peak season weddings available October through March. Ask us for a quote here.

Are there any other expenses I need to take into account?

Most venues in the Bristol area don’t incur travel expenses, but those over 15 miles away will. We also charge accommodation costs and bridge tolls where applicable. Please see our expenses page for more information.

Why are wedding bands so expensive?

Obviously a band has to split it’s earnings between each of it’s members. Some bands have lots of people and charge about £1500 or more, some have fewer members and are able to charge less. We are cheaper than many wedding bands for this reason. Additionally, although a band may only play for a couple of hours, they are ‘working’ at your event for a whole evening. There’s also the time spent rehearsing, and the costs involved in maintaining equipment and transport.

How do we go about paying you?

We take £150 as a deposit to secure the date payable by card or bank transfer. The remaining balance is taken a month prior to the event by bank transfer, or by card (fees apply).

Can I come and see you play somewhere before hiring you?

We sometimes play public gigs, but most of our events are private. We do however frequently arrange for couples to come and see us at our rehearsal studio in Bristol where you can hear a few songs and ask us any questions you may have. We usually schedule these monthly, so ask us and we’ll arrange something.

Do I need to hire a DJ?

Not really. We can play a selection of our own tunes or you can provide your own playlist on a laptop, MP3 player/iPod, or through a Spotify Playlist in advance, and save money. This is what most people do in our experience, and no-one misses the DJ. Please note, we DO NOT bring a CD player.

I want to make my own playlist. Any advice?


1) We can use Spotify at your event so if you send us your Spotify playlist, you don’t need to worry about having it on a phone.

2) If you are compiling your playlist on a phone or laptop, we recommend using an app that will crossfade songs so there are no gaps between them. ‘DJay 2‘ is a good one.

3. You’ll need about 1.5 hours of music for before/between our first set, and about an hour for after our second set. It’s the last bit of music you want to focus your efforts on because that’s usually the time when people are listening and dancing.

Can you play a song I like for my first dance?

We frequently learn first dances for couples. It usually works out great, but if it doesn’t suit a guitar band for whatever reason, there’s always the MP3 version.

Can I select the songs I want?

We have a fixed set list that can be made available to you at the time of enquiry. Our sets are carefully planned to run together smoothly and within the timescales, so we don’t offer them up for alteration. Also, these songs have consistently provided the best audience reaction over the last few years, and we like to keep EVERYBODY happy! Think of it as one less thing for you to worry about!

Can you learn other songs?

We will occasionally learn requested songs if we’re not learning a first dance for you, if it suits the band, and if we have time.

When will you arrive and how long do you take to set up?

We normally arrive at venues around 6.30pm . Set up takes about 1-1.5 hours during which time we also need to sound check. It’s essential that we have this time to do our thing, so be prepared – if the day is running behind schedule we won’t compromise on the time we need to make sure things sound good. We want to make sure everything sounds great so that you and your guests have an amazing night.

8pm is a good time to start your evening party, although in our experience it really doesn’t matter if we start later – gives all you reserved British people a chance to get nicely oiled before you break out your dancefloor shapes! There’s usually plenty of time for everything to happen.

Sometimes we’re asked to arrive earlier in the day to set up if the wedding breakfast is happening later in the day. We usually advise against this as there have been hardly any situations where this is necessary. Plus, we charge the not-insignificant sum of £180 per hour plus travel expenses to take this extra time setting up. We can have our PA set up and playing background music very quickly, and the short time it takes us to set up and sound check is a good opportunity for everyone to relax, get changed, or regroup before the first dance and partying starts.

How long do you play for & when do you leave? sob :'(

We play just over 2 hours of music usually in 2 sets. The first set is slightly shorter (about 45 mins) the second set slightly longer (about 1hr 15)

Our fee takes us to 12am and we’ll play music from an iPod as we pack down. If we’re still packing down after 12 that’s fine – we’ll continue to play iPod music whilst we pack down, but if we’re done by 12, that’s when we’ll leave. If you want us to play music ’til 1am, there is an additional fee of £180 which must either be paid in advance or in cash on the night.  

Can you tell me how a typical evening would go?

Sure. Most evenings follow a fairly similar pattern. We arrive at your venue at around 6.30pm and start setting up as soon as we can get in. It takes us about an hour to set up and sound check. Sometimes more, depending on the acoustics of the room. We’ll play background music whilst we’re not sound-checking. We usually start around 8-8.30pm. We’ll play our first set and break after that which usually coincides with any evening food you might be serving at around 9pm. We’ll allow up to an hour for that to happen and then kick back off with our second set around 10pm. We’ll finish that around 11.15pm or thereabouts and play some party tunes until midnight. 

Do you use backing tracks?

On some songs, yes, but not many. You might also be interested to know that we create our own backing tracks, rather than relying on third party tracks. Usually, it’s just for parts that we don’t have musicians for in the band, like synths and sound effects etc. We use them to enable us to play stuff that might sound a bit crude with just guitars, bass and drums.

Can you play for longer?

As you may be able to appreciate, singing and playing for 2 hours is quite exhausting, so to protect our voices we don’t extend our sets – we play a lot of weddings! If you want us to play a third set, we can split our second set in half, but be aware that this can be detrimental to the momentum of your evening.

Is there any other information you need prior to the event?

Please provide us with the address and post-code of the venue and any specific directions that are required. It’s good to know timings of the day when you have them.

Do you have public liability insurance?

Yes we do – up to £5 Million. Plus, all our gear is PAT tested.

My wedding is in a marquee. What kind of stage area and power supply do you need?

We need approximately 10-12 m2. We will need a reliable and safe source of electricity with at least 2 power points on either side of the stage area.

How can I look after you lovely people as you sweat to provide my evening entertainment?

Ah, how lovely. Well, since you asked, we do appreciate it if we can join in with your evening food if you’re having it. If not, if it’s possible to put some meals aside from the wedding breakfast, we’d be grateful, as we rarely have time to eat before we arrive. It’s great to have a green room where we can put our boxes and cases and get changed etc, if available. We don’t demand beer as a rider or anything, but it’s always welcome!

Our venue insists the band can't be too loud. Can you accommodate that?

No. Don’t be so silly. Just kidding. We have played in venues with decibel metres and other venues where noise levels are an issue. Because we use an electronic drum kit, we can control our levels to a certain degree. However, if your venue’s noise limit is less than 90dB we may have to decline as it doesn’t make for an enjoyable evening for anyone when the band is super quiet or the electricity keeps going off : P

Do you have all the PA and lighting needed?

We have an awesome sound system and lighting. All we need is adequate cover and electricity.

What about cancellations?

In the unlikely event that we have to cancel on you, we will refund any money paid us. If you need to cancel us, the deposit is non-refundable. Also, if you need to cancel within 2 weeks of the booked date, we will invoice you for half our fee to cover loss of business.  

What would happen if one of you couldn't make it?

We have various deputy musicians we can employ who are every bit as good as the original band members. If there was insufficient time to arrange for a deputy musician, we could use recordings to replace the absent band member rather than cancel on you at short notice.

Wow, I like, totally need Halflight at my wedding. How do I book?

Fill out our short form here to make an enquiry. Sam will get back to you almost quicker than you thought possible with a quote. We take £150 deposit to secure the date, although you may wish to come and meet us/hear us in the flesh first.