Covid Info

Lockdown is over – but Covid is not…

This means that wedding venues and wedding suppliers have a duty of care to ensure that staff and guests at a wedding are still kept safe. 

We perform lateral flow tests in the run up to our wedding gigs and have deputy musicians that can stand in where necessary. We’ll also take reasonable precautions to make sure we minimise possible transmission scenarios. 

However, singing is a high risk activity when it comes to the transmissability of Covid and where possible we will work with venues to ensure adequate volumes are met and appropriate distance is maintained between the band and dance floor.

Halflight has never missed a gig due to absenteeism or illness, but that might change with the advent of Covid. It’s possible that we may need to cancel a gig if we are unable to source deputy musicians for whatever reason. In that scenario, we will refund all monies paid us and do our best to put you in touch with another band. 

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