About Halflight & Events Band

Some said "they were as gods!". Nay, they are but men.

Halflight wedding band has been together over 15 years, playing all manner of events from weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, corporate functions and festivals. We have a shared passion for music and the line up has more or less remained the same, which means we’re very tight as a band.

Our emphasis is on quality and authenticity. We love what we do, and it comes through in our performances.  Our aim is to make sure that you end up with the best wedding band money can buy. A band you can be proud of hiring for your special day – we’re not a cheesy cabaret act – we try and recreate every song we play with the passion that was poured into it in the first place, every time we play.

Halflight Wedding Band 4-piece promo

What Makes Halflight Wedding Band a Great Fit for Your Wedding?

Well, besides these 12 reasons, here is our essence distilled for you. Halflight have been born out of a love of music first and foremost, not the desire to make oodles of cash. We prize performance and interaction over money. However, we’re not complaining that we get paid for it!

Contrary to popular belief, Halflight is not a full time job for any of it’s members. It could be, and was getting that way until we made the decision to back off. The reason we did this is because familiarity breeds contempt and we never wanted what we did to seem like a job when we have always found it so satisfying. We still play at events most weekends, and rehearse regularly, but we limit our gigs to ensure that we maintain our passion for what we do. In the end, that means you get a better, fresher, funner (I know that’s not a word) band. It’s a win-win.

We genuinely care that your wedding is one of the most memorable and special occasions that you will have in your life. We are delighted to be a part of that for so many people. We don’t ever want to let anyone down and so we give everything to our performances and we have measures in place that mean we’ll never miss a gig, which means you can rely on us.

We want to connect with people who also love music, and who are committed to creating an amazing celebration of something important, whether that’s a wedding, birthday, anniversary or just a party for the sake of celebrating being alive! In short, we want to help you have the best party you’ve ever had. If that sounds like what you’ve been looking for, let us know – we’d be delighted to meet you.

Halflight Are...


Sam Baly – Lead Vocals and Guitars

Sam is a founding member of Halflight and provides lead vocals and guitar for your listening pleasure. Dang it, those is some smooth vocals. Heck-fire, those is some sweet guitar sounds. Sam is also a web designer and audio mixing-engineer. A multi-instrumentalist, he plays guitar, bass, keyboard, drums and sings, but can he do it all at the same time? No, silly, he can’t. That’s why he has a band. 

Paul Steer – Lead Vocals

Paul and Sam have been best friends since high school and have been singing together ever since. I know. It is soooo sweet. Don’t let Paul’s bijou frame mislead you. He contains one hell of a voice, and when he’s allowed, he will let it out of it’s box so everyone can share in it’s creamy and soulful goodness. Paul and Sam sing about 50% of the set each which allows the band to do fairly challenging songs vocally, not forgetting the angelic harmonies that can, and have, led grown men to openly weep tears of joy. True fact!

Paul - Vocals
Grant - Bass

Grant Smith – Bass and Background Vocals

Yes, yes, I know…”What a handsome fellow”. Whatever, ok? Grant is a founding member of Halflight and has been in a band with Sam since they were 13. It went something like… “I know, you go and learn bass, you go and learn guitar and we’ll make a band! Yeah!”. And thus, various originals bands were born (same band with about 4 different names too embarrassing to repeat here). They were pretty good as well. Sigh. However, being in a wedding band is a far more likely scenario than world domination, so here we are, and we’re quite pleased with ourselves. Hope it doesn’t show too much 😛

Sean Randle – Drums

Sean is our most experienced member and newest member joining us at the start of 2016. He has been drumming professionally for many years – too many to count on our fingers, so forget about it. He has had a life touring internationally with bands of various styles and probably has some awards tucked away somewhere. But if not, we don’t care. Ha! We laugh in the face of awards! Sean is quite possibly the most relaxed and nicest guy you’ll ever meet.

Sean - Drums

There are lots of bands claiming to be Bristol’s best wedding band. Why should we choose Halflight?

Yup, when we started out, we were one of only a handful of bands with a decent website and some great demos. Now that every man and his dog can have a glossy website, it’s not so special. But never mind all the claims of “Bristol’s best band” etc; you need to listen and watch and judge for yourself which band is going to be best for you. You only get one shot at this wedding thing (ideally) so it’s advisable to choose your band wisely – they’re not all created equal!

Take a listen to Halflight. We are confident that hands down, you won’t find a better sounding band for your wedding. Why? Not only because each musician is highly accomplished, but our lead vocalists are a class above. We have not one but 2 incredible singers with wide ranging, versatile voices that can cover anything from Stevie Wonder to The Killers, and sound authentic.

Alongside this, we hope that you’ll find that the following attributes make us the only choice for your wedding…

We’re friendly, flexible, professional and fun. We make booking a band something you can set and forget.

We’re not cheap, but we are reasonably priced for the high quality you receive and the demand that we have.

We have never missed a gig and don’t intend to. We have deputy musicians standing by.

We hand pick songs that we have tested so we know they fill dancefloors.

Our included DJ service means you save money

We’ll make your first dance amazing!